Eeeeeek! We all dreaded this moment, didn’t we? This can be quite a confronting situation for parents and caregivers, but
In Australia, men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. It makes a bleak sense considering it's estimated
While it’s Women’s Health Week, we thought we’d tackle an issue that’s on the rise in teenagers – particularly teenage
When should you talk? The most important thing is to start talking about sex before your teen becomes sexually active.
We all dread questions like this as a parent (the awkwardness! And how much should I say?), but it’s actually
Pornography is no longer the playful, ‘your pizza is here’, magazines hidden under the bed sexiness. Porn today is more
First, take a deep breath. It’s normal to be shocked by finding something like this; dating apps aren’t generally made
From SEA co-founder Justine Kiely-Scott: 'I know that with this second lockdown, my three kids are up and down all
It’s completely normal for a young person to be feeling a bit nervy about their period starting. And to be
From childhood to the day we die, we all need friends. Some people will have a wide and easily gained