While we’ve been rejoicing the end of Victoria’s lockdown, euphoria hasn’t been the only emotion brought on by the announcement.
What is body image? Body image is the way you perceive your body. It’s how you picture your body in
We’ve talked a lot about pornography in the past (you can read our article on pornography vs real-life here). It’s
For how long have you been an educator? I've been with SEA for two and a half years and I
We talk a lot about how parents and carers can support their children. But once in a while, the parents
You might have read in the news last week about a new law in Texas that bans women from accessing
What is bullying? Almost every relationship experiences conflict. Whether it’s between partners, friends, siblings or parents and children, we all
As a parent, having a child who won’t pay attention to what you’re saying – or downright ignores you –
One of the most important things children need in their health education is accurate, age-appropriate information about bodies and bodily
Puberty – especially menstruation – can be particularly confronting for kids reaching adolescence. Our question box is always full of