When topics become taboo, it breeds misinformation. And there are few topics more taboo – especially when it comes to
We’ve talked before at length about bullying (you can read our last article on spotting and dealing with bullying here).
There are a lot of changes that come with puberty: growth spurts, body hair, periods, wet dreams, mood swings and
Talk about it (and often) The first and best thing you can do with your child is to talk to
Every child deserves love and care. Sometimes, it can feel like a huge task as a parent to know how
Why it’s important In a world of ‘yes’, ‘more’ and ‘positive vibes only’, the word ‘no’ gets a bad rap.
While we’ve been rejoicing the end of Victoria’s lockdown, euphoria hasn’t been the only emotion brought on by the announcement.
What is body image? Body image is the way you perceive your body. It’s how you picture your body in
We’ve talked a lot about pornography in the past (you can read our article on pornography vs real-life here). It’s
For how long have you been an educator? I've been with SEA for two and a half years and I