Parent seminars (online)

At SEA, we run community talks and information seminars for parents and carers.

These seminars are designed to give you the knowledge, strategies and confidence to help you begin and manage these often tricky conversations about bodies, puberty, change, emotions, and later sex and relationships with your children.

Areas we cover can range from how to be smart and safe online, to how to be safe in relationships and friendships with others. We cover the basics such as anatomy (how to talk about private and reproductive parts in a matter-of-fact, non-judgemental way) and the mechanics of puberty.

Our ‘Let’s Talk’ series for parents and carers of primary-aged children 

  • Body Safety: talking to children about protective behaviours in a way that doesn’t scare them (for parents/carers who need support to have conversations and create learning for their children about personal safety)
  • The Puberty Talk (for mid-upper primary years)
  • Talk to Me First: conversations about risk, safety and resilience in a digital world (for parents and carers of primary students)
  • Friendships: how to talk to primary children about friendships, respect and standing up for themselves
  • Cybersafety: Navigating the Internet for parents of primary children
  • Sexual material on the internet: how to talk to our children about pornography and respectful and safe use of technology

Our ‘Let’s Talk’ series for parents and carers of secondary-aged students 

  • Teen Years: conversations about technology, respect, social media and risk management (for parents and carers of secondary students)
  • Emerging Sexuality: safety, decision-making and respect

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Talk for parents of primary-aged children

A fantastic, informative evening filled with great practical advice delivered with compassion and humour. Highly worth attending for anyone who wants to raise resilient, informed, confident kids who feel conformable asking questions and handling issues relating to their bodies, friendships and other complex issues faced by kids today. 
Joanne, mum of 7-year-old daughter

Wonderfully explained and presented. The SEA presenter had a great style – warm, knowledgeable, practical and supportive. The emphasis on family and school partnerships really resonated. I really enjoyed it. Thanks. 
 Year 5 parent, Kingsville Primary School 

Awesome presentation. For an awkward topic you managed to make it fun and non-confrontational. I learnt a lot and it gave me so many ideas to start and manage conversations that may come. Well worth coming.
Year 6 parent, Newport Gardens Primary School

Seminar for secondary parents

As a mother of older teens (16 and 17), I went along to the “Talk to me first” session presented by SEA, thinking the horse had probably already bolted! The facilitator had an entertaining and approachable presentation style that helped put into context a lot of things my kids are dealing with in terms of their sexuality and the messages they receive through social media and other forums. But this wasn’t about scaring parents! SEA offered practical strategies for engaging kids and looking for “teachable moments” which I have definitely put into practice. I would recommend a SEA parent seminar to anyone with responsibility for children – it’s never too early or too late to access the latest thinking on this very important issue. 
Jo, mum of teenagers