Parent Information Evenings


SEA runs parent information sessions for parents and caregivers who want to be active in this area of their child’s education. These evenings are connected to in-classroom programs and are held at the school. These sessions cover:

  • why it is important to talk to your child or teenager
  • tips on how to talk, what to say and when
  • how to kick-start or continue conversations
  • tips on how to answer difficult or uncomfortable questions
  • what to do when you get caught unprepared by a tricky question
  • where to go for further information and support
  • resources for parents and their children

For parents and carers in the community, SEA also schedules community education sessions at various venues which are open to the public. Follow our Facebook page or sign up to our monthly newsletter, to stay up-to-date with upcoming seminars. Alternatively groups of parents can book us to deliver on various topics. Call the office for more information.