For Primary parents/carers

Our ‘Let’s Talk’ series address everything you could need or want to know as your child grows, so that you can feel more confident to answer those tricky questions and help guide your child as they develop. We understand different families have different ways of doing things, but no matter a child’s background, they all need to know certain things about the world, themselves, their bodies, life and how things change. In these seminars, you will learn strategies and tips for starting hard conversations and dealing with possibly surprising or shocking things that come up. We talk about technology and how to manage it in your family as well as give you guidance on how and where to access support services and find more information.

Building confidence, connection and communities is really important for parents and carers to feel supported themselves, and less alone.

Get in touch with us to see when we are holding our next Let’s Talk parent and caregiver seminars. You can email the office on info @ or ring +613 9029 9681. If you’d like to stay in the loop on upcoming seminars and webinars, find links to articles and resources, or see our videos, follow our Facebook page or sign up for our free parents and carers monthly newsletter here. We look forward to hearing from you!