From teachers

It was a superb program. The students were engaged, comfortable and supported throughout the program. They were valued and any misconceptions were handled respectfully. The class was exceptionally well managed and each child engaged with the content in their own way. Some [were] happy to answer every question and others happy to simply listen. The pace, structure and delivery of the program kept the students learning and thinking at all times.  Year 5—Camberwell Grammar School

We highly recommend this program. The SEA teachers were able to easily connect and build rapport with all students. Each session was engaging and addressed ‘tricky’ content with ease, maturity and relevance, which made everyone feel comfortable. The students responded positively and sensibly, enjoying activities and various appropriate resources.
Year 5/6—Glen Iris Primary School

Primary students

I’ve enjoyed sex ed and learnt so many new things. I thought it might be embarrassing and scary but you make it really interesting and fun. — Year 5 student

I feel so confident about this subject now. Thank you for answering all of our questions and explaining everything so clearly. I love sex ed! 
Year 6 student

I think your program is great. These lessons have been really helpful for my understanding about puberty and growing up. — Year 6 student


From teachers

Thanks so much SEA for an engaging and informative session. Our students felt comfortable to ask questions, and your discussions around technology, stereotypes and relationships really resonated.

This was just what our students needed. You were relaxed, unshockable and non-judgemental. Thanks for treating all questions with respect. The Year 9s were so focussed. Great session.

Secondary students

This session was great! I’ve been wondering about a lot of this and you answered all my questions! Thanks!  Year 7 student

An interesting session, you included real problems and situations.  Gave me a lot to think about and it made me more comfortable. It was also great for our age.  Year 8 student

It was interesting to hear what everyone thought about the various topics, such as expectations of an ideal partner. I liked how we didn’t just listen the whole session but also got to do some activities.  Year 10 student

The session was run very well, it was very clear and you were easy going and friendly. It was good that everyone was able to put in without feeling awkward.  Year 10 student

Principal — secondary

SEA teaches all our sexuality and relationships programs from Year 5 to Year 12. The primary programs include explicit information about safe social networking (as part of respect in friendships), privacy settings and where to go for help if anything worries them. The secondary program covers respectful relationships including explicit teaching about care with personal information, laws relating to technology, posting photos and sexting online, privacy, safe social networking, discussions about pornography and where to go for help and advice. I would not hesitate to recommend SEA for any training or educational purpose requiring a first-class organisation and a professional, reliable and responsive group of staff. — Principal, independent girls’ school, Melbourne


Comments from Parents

Very impressive, engaging, informative and clear. So glad our school has got you in to teach our children. I can see why this will be a great program. — Yarraville West Primary School

What a positive and reassuring presentation. Now we have discussed the topic in more detail, I feel my son will come to me if he has any questions.  Anderson’s Creek Primary

Excellent info that has continued to resonate after several years – my Year 7 also did your program at primary school. I feel so feel confident that my son will feel comfortable.  Templestowe Heights Primary


SEA runs parent information evenings for our parents. The presenters offered parents strategies for helping children manage their iPad usage responsibly and informed them of relevant statistics regarding children’s online safety to increase parental awareness of current trends in relation to adolescents and technology. — Secondary teacher, Melbourne


Talk for parents of primary-aged children

A fantastic, informative evening fill with great practical advice delivered with compassion and humour. Highly worth attending for anyone who wants to raise resilient, informed, confident kids who feel comfortable asking questions and handling issues relating to their bodies, friendships and other complex issues faced by kids today. — Joanne, mum of 7-year-old daughter

Community seminar for secondary parents

As a mother of older teens (16 and 17), I went along to the “Talk to me first” session presented by Justine, thinking the horse had probably already bolted! Justine has an entertaining and approachable presentation style that helped put a lot of things my kids are dealing with in terms of their sexuality and the messages they receive through social media and other forums into context. But this wasn’t about scaring parents! Justine offered practical strategies for engaging kids and looking for “teachable moments” which I have definitely put into practice. I would recommend “Talk to me first” to anyone with responsibility for children – it’s never too early or too late to access the latest thinking on this very important issue. — Jo, mum of teenagers


SEA has provided training and support to our Residential College at a critical time when our new students arrive and an understanding of sexual health, consent and respectful behaviours is imperative to the transition period into university life. The messaging is clear and concise — and in our case — tailored specifically for an audience which includes many overseas participants, for whom the material can be both confusing and confronting. They are made comfortable from the start. It is delivered by SEA in an exemplary fashion, discussed with us beforehand and presented meticulously. Students leave with greater understanding and a set of guidelines that enable them to interact mindfully with their new colleagues. I firmly believe having third-party experts deliver this training, in our context, ensures that we are able to provide the most recent and relevant information for our students. — University of Melbourne residential college.