Positioning Statements


SEA doesn’t have any political or religious affiliations. All our programs are aligned to the Victorian/Australian Curriculum and constitute best practice in this area of education. Our educators are qualified teachers and specially trained by us. Our education programs are delivered in a sensitive, non-judgemental manner in acknowledgement of the different family backgrounds that we know students have. We are sensitive to and inclusive of diversity as we deliver programs that are age-appropriate, fact-based and relevant to young people whether in primary or secondary school, or at tertiary level.

What we teach is specific to the students’ age, because we understand there’s a big difference in the knowledge they need (and are ready for) as younger children, as older children, as young adolescents and as older teenagers or young adults. This means our programs are always age-appropriate and suited to the developmental stage of the student.


‘Sexuality is complex and includes biological, social, psychological, spiritual, religious, political, legal, historic and cultural dimensions that evolve over a lifespan.’

SEA believes that knowledge builds confidence and empowers young people to make informed decisions. This leads to better health, safety and wellbeing.


The law says that everyone is equal regardless of their sex, race, marital status, physical features, physical and intellectual abilities, religion, sexuality, gender, class, identity and political views.


SEA is pro young people. We believe young people can make good decisions and responsible choices given the opportunity to learn about and discuss accurate and current information regarding their health. All children, no matter their family background, or whether religion or a particular culture is an influence, need access to age-appropriate, helpful information about their health and human development. Children who are left ignorant are also made vulnerable to other influences, so a safe adult who talks with young people about these topics (whether in school with one of our educators, or by parents at home) has a protective effect. This learning supports them to grow up to make better decisions for their health, safety, wellbeing and happiness.


This website and the resources to which it refers are intended to provide general information only. They do not provide comprehensive medical or legal advice.

Please seek specific medical or legal advice in relation to individual circumstances.

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Sources: UNESCO, 2018, International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education: An evidence-informed approach for schools. Available in translation.