Our Team


Jenny Ackland, DipTchg (Primary), BEd, MEd, RSA Certificate in TEFLA, published author

Jenny is a co-founder of Sex Education Australia, established in 2011. Working in education since the late ’80s, Jenny is experienced across a broad range of educational domains, including education for young people with disability, teaching English as a foreign language, delivery of classroom programs across all school levels, and parent information seminars.

Jenny believes that all young people have a right to access accurate, relevant, age-appropriate information that will better equip them to reduce risk, stay healthy and safe, and be happy and well as they grow and develop. She is working on a series of parent guides that will span primary and secondary age ranges and provide helpful information to parents and carers to assist them in supporting their children. She understands that what has always been a tricky area for conversation is now made even more complex because of technology, especially social media.



Justine Kiely-Scott, GradDip (Adolescent Health & Welfare), MEd (Sport Sociology), GradDip (TESOL), BApp.Sc (PE)

Justine has always loved working with young people. Whether coaching young athletes or teaching in schools, her focus is on each individual feeling good about themselves, building confidence and working to their potential. After finishing her Bachelor of Applied Science (P.E.), Justine went on to complete her Masters of Education from the University of Houston, focusing on women, sport and the media. Justine has taught Health, P.E., English and E.S.L in secondary schools for over 20 years, including four years as an educator with Family Planning Victoria. In 2000, she completed her Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Welfare from the University of Melbourne. This course sparked her interest in teaching sexuality education.

With three children, one in primary and two in secondary school, Justine is experienced at answering the myriad of questions that come up on a daily basis. She has a great rapport with students and a good sense of humour — something vital as a sexuality educator. Justine wants to make connections with students, but also provide support and guidance to parents. She feels it’s important for parents to develop confidence to talk to their children about sexuality and other issues as they grow up.



Cathy Elliott, Dip. Tchg (Primary)

Information and education is the key to making informed and wise decisions throughout a person’s life, which is why working in the area of reproductive and sexual health is so important to Cathy.

Cathy appreciates the opportunity to talk and interact with children and young adults as it gives her insight to what concerns them and what they are thinking about. She finds it rewarding providing young people with face-to-face, reliable information that is age-appropriate and watching her students become more comfortable talking about growth and change.

Cathy has worked for a number of years as a classroom teacher with the Education Department, as well as work-place training within the airline industry. The last four years have been spent with Family Planning Victoria as an educator; this has been a fantastic experience which has taken her into a variety of schools, working with many students across Melbourne.

Cathy has three teenage children, so understands the pressure that young adults are under and the importance of having information before you need it, not after. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with young people, helping them to understand that diversity and difference is what makes us all unique.